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Ok here go's guys, the middle of this week im going to have a bunch of stuff for sale stock and aftermarket the list as follows

-takegawa 178 superhead kit 700 (maybe 2hrs of use)

-two brothers peg mount with fastway pegs 120

-two brothers kicker 40

-works shock set up for 200lb rider 140

-two brothers oil cooler 150

-new stock crank 125

-SDG seat 45

-new BBR skid plate 50

-two brothers green dress up kit 100

-bottom end (cases trans crank no electrical or clutch)

-acerbis hand guards black 45

-complete supermoto wheels set, im not around them to give specfic details they are sweet set tire are almost new drum brake hubs black rimes i think they 3.5's, $400

-two brothers green rear brake pedal

-takegawa clutch 6disc (BRAND NEW never been installed plates, fibers, basket, springs) 225

-28mm flatslide mikuni never used 100

-yellow gas tank 20

-spare stock frame

-powroll 165 stroker crank 200

And alot more to once i get home and do inventory. I have alot of stock parts as well got a bunch of 50 parts too. my bike is going to be sold as well
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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