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(New Prices) All this stuff came from a great running 2002. All these parts are in excellent condition. I upgraded my engine and I dont need any of these parts. Make offers, everythings gotta go. I hope somebody can use somethin outa here before i post them all up on ebay.

complete tranny ($50 obo)

Kickstart shaft and gear ($10 obo)

3 speed drum and shift star ($10 obo)

Auto Clutch ($10 obo)

Clutch Basket with plates ($20 obo)

Cam Chain ($5 obo)

Crank and piston ($40 obo)

Shift shaft ($5 obo)

Studs ($5 obo)

Stock cylinder ($20 obo)

I also have a stock head (not pictured)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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