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klx110, crf250 4 sale

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stock 110- 08, just rebuilt, pegs, springs $1200

CRF250R-too many too list, set up for 185lb rider $2000

want rid of quick. email me @ [email protected]

call me 724 456 5270

need gone like now. local only
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pierce188 said:
bump and what are you buying now

maybe a nikon D3, maybe not. or maybe just a nikon D700..not sure yet..all i know is i need these
no more stock class for you ?? you scared now that i got a STOCKER ?
naw would rather have other toys and i just cant keep
i want your crf.....if someone buys my stock mod i think i will have to come get it
whats up with the rear brakes on the 110? i dont see a pedal or rod.
328somewhere said:
whats up with the rear brakes on the 110? i dont see a pedal or rod.

because there is no rear brakes. i took them off
dcasillas said:
would u ship that 250

only if buyer arranges everything, i will not break down a 250. so you find a way
How far are you from new jersey? Interested in the 110.
on the border of ohio basically...just north of pittsburgh

zip is 16150
r u serious? its a 250 not a i will not go below 2000...
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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