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Klx Zokes on 50 or 70?

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possible to run klx zokes or ktm forks with 50 stem...trying to make a 70 with a 14/12 setup but 70 zokes are impossible to find...also can you run a set of 50 zokes with a 14inch wheel
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14 inch wheel on 50 size zokes won't work, 110/70 zokes are the same,PAX racing can get you 70 zokes,50 zokes,110 zokes.

you could go with a SSR/CRF70 frame/swinger/fork set up and build it your way, i just built a SSR/CRF70 12/10 vegas legal race bike, it handles better then my full mod 50 did and better then my full mod 110 does.

SGR/STAGGS can set you up with what you'd need for an SSR/CRF70 build or a complete bike.

thanks...i went through the trouble of moddin my stock frame i got really fancy (detachable top motor mount..cradle welded to the frame and back bone for the main frame support) so i figured just do zokes and a plus 4 swinger
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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