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klx or crf

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i am deciding what to get for a pitbike. I will either get a klx 110 or a crf70. bot withe the following mods. pleas tell me which one you would recomend.


* Pro Circuit T-4 exhaust

* Uni Air Filter

* Renthal handlebars

* One Industries graphics



* Pro Circuit T-4 exhaust

* Uni air filter

* Renthal handlebars

* Reegs mx graphics​
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crf70 they are mad but its realy a personal preferance
get the 110 over the 70. the 70 is way underpowered if your gonna keep the stock motor
dont start any more threads! their really annoying!
well chase is smarter than he

The guy has a dozen threads asking the same thing. Man up and just buy whatever you want and stop asking peoples opinion what graphics is prettier......geesh.
screw them both! get a ebay 10 cent pit bike!
id guy 70 , there more sleek and light , and you can get alot of cheap parts to fit :)
i would go for the 110 it has more power stock. Also if you decide to mod it the klx seems to be cheaper to produce the same amount of power.
klx, start with more power. plus more parts are available used.
If your looking for a 12" bike go KLX. If you want a 10" bike then look at the CRF50. XR70 just doesn't have much to offer. Weak motor stock, weak frame, weak aftermarket support compared to the KLX.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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