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I've had a look around, But cant seem to find anything to confirm this for me.

I've got a KLX style Chinese Pit bike. The frame is based around a KLX110 frame.

When I bought it, It was fitted with a Jialing 125 engine, Which of course, has a CRF style head. But since then I've changed the engine to a YX150 engine.

I'm lead to beleive this uses the same cylinder head fitment as the KLX / KSR engines. Basically my problem is with the exhaust port.

My Exhaust I have is from a Stomp 150klx, So its designed to fit a CRF engine, But a KLX frame.

Now I have a KLX style engine, with a KLX style frame. So my only guess is that I need an actual KLX110 fitment exhaust?

I've had to cut and re-weld my current exhaust pipe to fit the angle of the exhaust port, And to sit nicely on the bike.

I've also had to drill out the exhaust flange manfold bolt holes to M8 (From M6).

Its doing its job, But I'm not overly happy with it. I was wondering if there were any sites where I can get a resonably priced KLX fitment Exhaust pipe. Around 30mm Internal Diameter?

Here's what I've got...

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