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Putting my two hybrid klx's for sale, Have some bills I need to get out from under,some people I owe and such. Both pretty much identical, It has a kx front end, .38 springs, use kx 65 rear linkage suspension,{ frame designed to bolt up to any stock kx 65 swingarm} with kx rear wheel and brake assy's, shortened and revalved and resprung front forks and revalved rear shocks, Showa rm 85 forks on one, kyb 85 forks on the other.3.8 fork springs in front 6.0 rear spring. Both bikes running bored and stroked 177 cc motors, v2 roller rocker heads, vm 26 carbs, takegawa 6 plate clutch disc assy with primary drive gears, hardened second gears, quick shift shift shafts,tak 4 sp shift drums, over the top rear brake pedals, and chp shifters, custom peg mounts that bolt directly to frame as well as engine. 2010 klx clutch covers,and cable assy { the pull is amazing.} 428 rk oring chains, custom sprockets, 15 /42 gearing. bbr skid plates. pivot pegs. Pro taper fat bars, aftermarket tripple pinch bolt clamps, two bros tall seat, asv lever sets and perchs, kx250f rear master cyl assy, the list goes on and on, I have many post on these bikes and many photos, on here. Alot of time and effort to make them feel like a big bike suspension. people who have seen them know how they work. they track straight and handle even better. 49 in wheel base at furthest point of adjustment

Asking 2700 each on them, interested you can call or text me at 417/234-1336 Art Do a search under art5 tons of info all the way through the build. several post listed below this ad.
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