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klx 143 idle problems

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I just installed a klx143 big bore kit, big valve head, and 26mm carbs

The bike runs great in all ranges, pulls hard right from idle to top end..

However the idle hangs if you blip the throttle, and drops slowly.. If i richen the mixture up, even a half turn, then I have to kick the idle screw way up to keep it idling..

Also when I cold start the motor, it idles very high for like 15 seconds or so, then comes down to a normal level..

I have the fuel screw turned 1.5 turns out. If I turn it out anymore, the idle doesn't go any higher, if I turn it in at all, it drops the idle drastically.

I'm lost right now as what to do.. The bike runs great just has a very erratic idle. I can't give it back to the owner like this, he's gonna think something is seriously wrong even though the bike runs great
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It sounds like a lingering air leak somewhere, allowing just enough air in to choke it off and stall. Maybe replace intake and carb gaskets and/or a light coating of grease if the manifold has o-rings?
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