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Ok need some help here klx 110 2010…got this bike as a project. Was told the crank bearing was bad. Bought the 155 stroker and big bored to 143cc. Completed build with vm 26 carb and yx race head I bought on Craigslist. Tb parts clutch cover and it is a full manual now. Bike rips and runs great until it fouls the spark plug so bad it won’t start again. (See attachment) had a lot of small issues but easy fixes. Can anyone tell what is going on here why the bike dies and fouls the spark plug after about 5 mins. I have a 22.5 pilot and a 190 main in right now. If I go down on the main the bike stays running and bogs out at higher rpms. 150 is the lowest I’ve gone but at higher rpm it bogs and doesn’t deliver the power that I get from the 190 main. I assume I’m running rich by the look of the spark plug. Should I be running a richer spark plug. More gap? I’ve tried quite a few different variations with the jets just can’t seem to get this thing ripping like it should. Can anyone shed some light on why this thing won’t stay running and “fluids” it self out?
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