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KLX 110 Parts BBR

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[email protected]

BBR SuperComp Swinger [email protected] Elka remote resivour: $900 shipped SOLD SOLD SOLD

It also has new in bag Bushings @ Bearings,new chain guard,new chain slide.


"KLX 110 gas tank and BBR gas cap": $SOLD

"Takagawa intake manifold 28mm": SOLD

Makuni Carb 24mm: SOLD

Brand new never used

KLX 110 Frame: SOLD

Its in good shape

BBR Brake lever: SOLD

it in good shape.

BBR dsection Pipe: $100 but tonight ill do $80

Its a little wore on out side but in good running shape

BBR red dress up kit: SOLD

in good condition

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Pipe is the old d-section not the new d-2.There is a big diff, good deal though.
just corrected thanks didn't catch that
all pic are now up, and I added a few things
is that $70 shipped on dress up kit? if so i think i want it.
are them pegs and mount better than stock? If so. Web site?
yes and yes ill take $70 for dress up kit and ship them
Ill do BBR supercomp kit tonight for $900 shipped
Just added takagawa intake manifold
Probably wouldn't want to do it if I were you, but if you want to sell the supercomp swinger only let me know
Is the intake manifold the one that points out forwards but it is a little crooked? i want one that wil let my run a 50 type of filter with out hittin the fender.
well I run a 28mm kiehin with a cone filter and it doesn't rub forks. but I'm not sure about the set up you run
PM me with the other PayPal you want payment for the pegs sent to and I will send it over again. Thanks!
Just added klx 110 gas tank and BBR gas cap
Its going to coast me atleast $40 to ship. Ill do $90 shipped to make it worth while
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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