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klx 110 (new 143cc big bore question)

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Hey guys. Im a little new to this bike and i just put a 143cc trail bikes big bore kit in it. After putting it in it started up great after. im pretty sure i put everything back the right way and timing was done properly. I have been riding it easily to break it in for the past couple days. I have noticed a little ticking noise at the top of the head. Does anyone have any ideas. All the help would be appreciated.
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yup your valves just loosened up

just go in a re adjust them
most big bore kits tick a little bit, but if its real loud its def your valves.
yea thanks i adjusted them and it sound buch better
When i first built my SE head up it seemed to make a ticking noise, but i was 1 sure did the timing right. I was told that they will be noiser than the stock, never had a problem with mine after 2 years.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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