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I am sad to say that I am selling my full mod because I want to mod my TTR 125 and get into supermoto. I am trying to part it out but it's not quite working out so if you want a major item like front end, supension, or motor I will part it. I have put tons of money into this thing and even more hard work to get it to where it is today. This thing runs great and the suspension is amazing. here are a list of the mods:

Suspension and Chassis:

KX65 Full Front End

Heavy weight springs and Oil

Full front brake assembly, pads in excellent shape, stops on a dime, lever is perfect.

BRAND X Billet Clamps

Custom Bearings from PAX

Bridgestone tire 90% tread left

Wheel is perfectly straight and in MINT condition

**I also have fork tubes that are 2" shorter than these, with 1" less travel that I can swap for these tubes if you are a smaller rider looking for a short front end, OR it would make the ultimate stock/mod front end, would be perfect on a stock length shock w/ a +2, or stock swinger**

F-22 iShock w/ Sano LS8 Swinger

iShock was just rebuilt and revalved 2 rides ago, MINT

I had them add some shims to the lower end of the travel for more bottom out resistance, this shock is perfect now.

Sano LS8 Swingarm custom checker painted

Billet Axle Blocks.

Sik Tendencies KX65 Rear Brake Setup

STR Adapter Kit, (includes caliper adapter, master adapter, wheel spacer, extended resi line, and clevis.

STR Red Braided Brake Line

PBI Sprocket, a little munched

KX65 Caliper and Master Cylinder

Extra YZ250f rear Master Cylinder included

2003 Factory Black frame, this frame is black from the factory, making it the most durable black finish you can get, super sick!


  • 180 stroker
  • TB Race Head
  • TB Cam
  • TB 55mm Stroker Crank
  • TB Fourth Gear shift drum
  • TB Pancake Filter
  • TB Intake
  • BBR 160 cylinder and piston
  • Magura Hydraulic Clutch
  • 08' Output shaft
  • Two Bros Metric Bolts
  • IMS Shifter
  • Sandblasted Cases
  • CRF50 Tappet Cover used as oil fill cover
  • Braided Oil Breather Line
  • Outlaw Reusable Stainless Steel Oil Filter
  • FULL Electrical
  • Mikuni VM26 Carb with 4 rides on it, basically brand new!
  • Big Gun EVO full BLACK Exhaust, they no longer make this exhaust, it's pretty rare and super trick looking


Pro Taper 50 Bend Bars

BBR Chain Slider

BBR Chain Guide

BBR HD Peg mount

BBR Rev Box

Moose Pegs

Two Brothers Metric Bolt Kit

Two Brothers OTT Rear Brake Pedal

UFO Red Plastics with Gary's personal STR Graphics

Tag Grips

Red Billet Gas Cap w/ red titty

Outerwears pre-filter

Red Side Panels w/ pre-prints included


I am willing to ship if buyer pays the shipping.

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bump, rear wheel and brake assembly sold, can lower the price and include a stock rear wheel and brake setup.
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