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klx 110 engine

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hi every one im from the uk and im after a klx110 engine what have you got
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what sort of money are you looking for it and is it all running and does it come with the card and wiering and stuff to put strait in to a bike thanks
i have a stock motor with wiring and carb and throttle great running shape its an 05

750 shipped.
It's a complete 2004 motor with electrical,pink slip,and carb.It runs great no problems at all. I'll do 650 shipped
I got a 2007 klx110 motor with a 134 kit, HD clutch springs, TB cam, ported stock head, ported stock intake, bump start, jetted carb, and pancake filter. $650 shipped.
I got a compleat bike running pm me if interested
hi mmetzger001 it would have to be shiped to the uk and i only have $700 to spend thats with shipping included
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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