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Keep 150R or go 125?

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Hey what do you guys think I should do? I have a 07 150R that i bought new and only rode one season. I took a year off riding and am starting again this spring. I have the money to get a used 125 or I can just keep the 150R... What should I do?
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How old are you? are you racing? what do you plan to do on the bike?
ill be 17 in march, i will not be racing this year, the question is whether to keep the 150R 1 more year and then move up or move up now
What you feel like yourself man.

There are no rules about this, maybe try out a friends 125/ ride you own, see what you think!
i perfer 4 strokes over 2 any day. but if you quit riding for a year i would get on your 150 again to get the feel of things again and then test out a 125 anda 250. the power o a 250 is very controlable, im 15 and have bros with 250s and i love the feel of them over a 125. size isn't that big of a deal eather they aren't much bigger. i would go 250 if you deside to bump up tho. klx250's are really big right now! my bro has one with some mods and it RIPPSSS!!!!!

or there is also option 2! get a PITBIKE and race that!:D
im saying 125 because they cost HALF of what a 250 cost used
Do what ever you feel is going to be best for you. If you go 125, maybe the YZ would be the better one to get.
Ride the 150r until you gain back your skill and then get a 2002 or under 125 because they are green stickers.
gonna keep the 150r...
yeah keep it, that 150r can beat a 125 if you can ride it
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