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Kawasaki 4 speed shift drum

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Does anyone know the part # for the oem 4 speed shift drum that kawasaki sells? Ive been trying to hunt it down and cant seem to find it.
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TLDRIDER120 said:
get the kawsaki one from CHP its made out of better longer lastin material like most other genuine kawasaki products

Are you being serious? I've seen the KSR110 4 speed shift drum and the tolerances are crap compared to the aftermarket offerings... That's the 4 speed shift drum that people are using unless they are modifying the stock unit to become a 4 speed shift drum.

And how's that stock Kawi output shaft holding up on big displacment motors?

I'd go with one of the aftermarket units and skip the Kawi 4 speed drum.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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