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Well I am almost complete. Need a seat and the new petcock those are ordered but its all good imo.

Bought all the parts and done all the paint work

Started with an ebay purchase on 3-10-07 and this is today. It was in good condition "orange" and this site helped me so much in finding the parts and resources to do what I wanted.

New Fenders, Wheels, Lifan 110 4sp manual, 17/35 gearing, new bars, grips, cables,tires and yes I know they are china(guess I did not read enough at first on that purchase), Brakes, Wiring, headlight and bucket and exhaust.

Thanks to all of you for your post and the site owner for having this site.

The search engine is your friend.

And yes I still have all of the original parts if I want to go original.

Mike :)


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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