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Just listed, TLD helmet, Oil Cooler, Superhead CAM

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just listed these tonight, end friday

three row takegawa supercooler with special clutch line takeoff, braided lines-


eBay Motors: HONDA CRF50 CRF70 KAWASAKI KLX110 OIL COOLER TAKEGAWA (item 280117783368 end time May-25-07 20:08:36 PDT)

takegawa superhead s20 cam-


eBay Motors: HONDA CRF50 CRF70 TAKEGAWA SUPERHEAD S20 CAM (item 280117783861 end time May-25-07 20:11:04 PDT)

pro taper chad reed, doug henry bend bars-


eBay Motors: PRO TAPER CHAD REED BARS, BLACK, YAMAHA, RENTHAL (item 280117781659 end time May-25-07 20:02:35 PDT)

Troy Lee Designs SE helmet-


eBay Motors: TROY LEE DESIGNS SE HELMET, MED, TLD, SHOEI, ARAI, FOX (item 280117779674 end time May-25-07 19:56:49 PDT)

all prices do not include shipping, $15 shipping to the lower 48, no international shipping
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Its a Med, and if its 115 buy it now its sold to me lol
Which one might these be maybe ill kill two birds with one stone same price?? i can send more money out tomorrow if i need to lets see a pic could always us a back up. :grin:

mx527 said:
sorry, really no need for another, will probably have

another for sale soon. put that sucker up on here, tons of kids with small heads! haha
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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