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jetting problems with 88 kit

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I just got a BBR 88 kit for my z50, i am running stock exhaust for now and stock head, i am having a little problem getting the jetting right it has a bog at low end now, the carb cam with a 95 main jet but had a bad bog from 1/4 and up so i put a 75 in it, now has a bog off the line, checked timing and is right on need some help?

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Put the 95 back in it and try and find a 85 for it ,also raise the needle up by lowering the clip and adjusting your air screw, that will help with the low end bog. If it doesnt go away get a few bigger pilot jets to try. That is what affects 0 to 1/4 throttle response.
I'm running the same set up with a 20mm carb--- 90 main, A/F screw is about 1.5 to 1.7 turns out and my clip is at the highest setting on the needle. It seems to run the best with the needle like that. I don't have a jet kit yet so I haven't been able to put a smaller jet in it.
i put a 80 main, 38 pilot and one from the top on the needle the air screw is about 1 1/4 but i have a bog in the top of the great wide open cant tell if its a rich or lean bog
I think your main is too small. You really need a jet kit or find a 85 or 87 jet at the dealer.

What color is your spark plug???

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the colors good its a golden brown and i have a jet kit if i go up with the main i get a bog after 1/4 throttle
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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