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I think the stock needle position is 2nd from the top and 1/14 turns out on the air screw.. not sure though. That is what mine was at. How is it running now... I used to have an FMF pipe on mine and the jetting was not much diff. than stock.. of course I am in texas. I would run it for a bit and check the plug. That will be your best bet.. let the bike get up to operating temp and run it good then kill the motor and check the plug. It should be lil tan and possibly white. Fittys like to be run lean for some reason. If you got a black plug.. your gettin to much fuel. The bike should be jetted at the throttle position and not engine speed. This is going to be a tedious project. first look at the plug at let us know what the results are... then maybe someone can give a suggestion.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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