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ishock spring needed !!!!!!!

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i need a new or used 250lb or 300lb spring for my i shock. please post if you know where i can get one if you dont have one... please post asap!!!
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from I shock is where u can get them
i couldent find a phone # or email address on their site... could some one post a way to get ahold of hydrodynamics? about how much does a spring cost?
whats the spring you get on them? iv got one of those if thats any help
it has a 150 lb spring on it from the factory...
supposed to come with 250# spring new
i wish it came with a 250lb spring ...every i shock iv seen that hasent been changed has been 150.
not the i shock I had. bought it brand new and it came with a 250lb spring on it
would u trade for a 150lb spring ?
no, i wouldnt, even if i still had that shock
whys there a 150 on it?? wherd did you get it?
yes it has a 150lb spring on it... i bought it at a local honda dealer
so does any one on here have a used one for sale that is cheaper than a new 1? it doesnt matter how many lbs its rated at as long as its over 200
before i spend the money on a spring is there an adjustment that i accidentaly missed that would tighten the shock up?
You can put more preload on it by tightning down on the spring. This will only do so much though......
thats wierd ive never seen an ishock come with a 150 spring... and theres no adjustment to make up for that little spring either.
hey i can get you one, its a little banged up bet otherwise fine. pm me ill try and get you a $$
Just FYI, the standard iShock spring rate and what most dealers stock comes with a 250 lbs. rated spring which is rated for riders 110 lbs. to about 200 lbs.

Some dealers stock the optional spring rated shocks to accommodate for lighter and heavier riders.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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