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Is this bad?

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I bought a used 88cc kit off of a board member as useable ,and i want some opinions on weather this cylinder is useable or can be honed and used. I got a good deal on it but if i have to have it bored over and buy a piston kit the deal dos not seem so good at all. I put the pictures up at the link below so you can see them nice and big. Also can i use two nuts to remove one of the cylinder studs so i can drill my oil oriface?
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fatcaaat said:
hone it. as long as there are no gouges in it that you can feel with your fingernails, it will clean up and be usable with a hone.
Yeah some of them will stop a finger nail. I'll probably just hone it and see what happens. I already ordered the rings anyway
Yeah. You would think you might mention that when you sell something. I was all excited to get it on but now i'm not sure it's worth the trouble of putting it on. I'm having it honed out this week and hopefully it will be alright. The 21 year old cylinder i took off the bike did not have a scratch in it.
I honed it out and put it all together today and it seems to be fine. It's a zippy little thing compared to stock
arlindsay1992 said:
Yep. 88s are powerful. I like mine, but I'm not allowed to ride it even if I had a good report card. I'm only allowed to ride it to test it to sell it.
Why are you selling it? Parental decision?
Will you still have one to ride? If not you ought to pull the 88cc kit back off rather than sell it.
Thats good to hear. For a second i thought you might be getting rid of that really nice one you have
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