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Is this bad?

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I bought a used 88cc kit off of a board member as useable ,and i want some opinions on weather this cylinder is useable or can be honed and used. I got a good deal on it but if i have to have it bored over and buy a piston kit the deal dos not seem so good at all. I put the pictures up at the link below so you can see them nice and big. Also can i use two nuts to remove one of the cylinder studs so i can drill my oil oriface?
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Yep. 88s are powerful. I like mine, but I'm not allowed to ride it even if I had a good report card. I'm only allowed to ride it to test it to sell it.
I'm not allowed to ride the 88 because local laws have a max. displacement of 50cc. So even though a cop would never know unless I told them or they knew about minibikes, my dad says it's wrong. But what bad comes from it. The motor run the stock gearing so it doesn't go faster, just gets to the same top speed in less time.
Oh yeah. I'll have one to ride. If I sell the motor, I'll still have two complete bikes. The last bike I bought (1979 Z50R) came with two motors; a stock one, and an 88cc one.
Oh no, my kids are going to learn on it when they exist.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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