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is the fifty dieing or growing?

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just curious on what poeple think. seems like there are alot of new products, but I don't see as many poeple talking about it like last year. plus no new movies or anything like that.
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i think its kind of a lull until parts get cheaper, if even that.
Anybody who thinks its doing anything other than growing is out of thier mind.Ask any of the manufactures they will tell you.I believe it has just begun
growing over hear on the east coast in NC slowly but were seeing more and more LATER JC
if it does die then ill just start makin my own parts, i wont go down lol
definetly growin!

i know on east coast, winter sucks an people stop thinkin an riding. But this past weekend was 65-70 degrees, and there was fiddies out in droves, mashin it up! once spring comes around, boards will be lit up! :lol: :D :p

Fiddys will never stop. They will always be around. 5 years old to 50 years old. They will always be there.
Its definately growing.Its a bit slower over hear in the northeast i think though.Like everything else! When my son got bored with his z50 and moved on to bigger bikes i kept the z for myself and hopped up the motor so i could have fun with it.But now when he sees you guys racing them and big names promoting and racing them he's totally stoked on fiftys again and so are all his buddies.So their will be a whole new flock of fifty fanatics to come.It will never end.The bikes keep getting better thanks to all the aftermarket companies.We both cant wait to finish all the upgrades to our new crf50.Hurry up with those motor parts prc!!!
I think it is growing but much slower than before. There is not much more R&d going on in the industry which may contribute to it.
seems like it's not moving here at all, we can't get a good race down here for crap. I've been trying to get something going but nothing is working. We have a track or 2, but nothing worth driving 50-60 miles for. :cry:
its growing up here in canada. im not to sure about out west but i kno its pretty big out there but over here in the east its growing were getting a 50 series going and we having more races this year with our bigger racing organization (cmrc & cmx)
I think it is growing. And i think it would grow a lot more if the prices came down a bit.
Going up. Next floor ESPN.
It's growning here in the UK, about 4 of my friends are getting mini bikes within the next few weeks, more tracks are opening mini bike tracks, organising practice days etc.

even talk of a race series here as well, gonna be a good summer!!!
It is growing and will continue to grow for a long while. If it even ever falls. More and more parts are coming out daily.

The number one hot spots in the country for 50 riding is Illinois, and then close second is NY-NJ-PA. Those are the biggest ship to areas.

The fad has become a sport. At thsi stage of the game it would take alot to make it not happen.

Cant wait to see all the bigger and better items just around the corner.
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