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is my frame bent??

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my frame is looking a bit chopperd is there any way i could mesure it to see if it is bent?
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show a picture, well tell you if its bent.

most likely it is, thats how they start
i think mine is bent also if u look at the front view teh forks or off to one side and dont line up with the engine head and also the rear tire doesnt line up directly between the subframe end points do u guys think it is bent its not chopperd out. sorry about the crappy pic but its 1:15am here
Yea looks fine to me also. The bbr sp-5's tend to give your bike more rake so it looks like the frame is bent or bent more then it really is.
A good way to tell if the frame is bent is if the shrouds bulge out on the sides right next to the gas tank, its in between the front of the seat and the shroud bolts. If theres no bulge then your good to go. :wink:
dead on! measure the lenth from the fork leg to the top engine mount bolt for future reference
i mean if u are looking straight on at the front of the bike if u are looking at the engine and see how straight it is on the stand then look the forks and see that the head tube is bent to the left like half an inch or something i mean it look sjacked but u dont notice it when u ride it but im ust to riding ti like that
oh shoot the banwith is exceeded on pichold right now
your frame looks fine.. mine on the other hand, isnt so good 8O
a good way to tell is take off the gas tank and look right in front of the rear shock mount gusset/tank threads, if the paint looks faded its starting to bend, if it has a bulge at the top like a lil hump then its definately bent, another way to tell is to see if ur pegs sit more tillted forward then normal. and or the honda on the ignition cover is tilted forward, and the pic of the bike with the with the bbr forks is not bent, and the guy who said that the plastic at the tank doesnt line up is totally correct, if the it

plastic doesnt sit flat on the gas tank, say it bulges out and u have bend the plastic to fit its bent also
oh ya and also if ur front forks seem alot stiffer then they did before that is another sign of it to because the rake angle makes it harder to compress the springs
its a fast 50s frame and it kinda has a bulgeon the main tube just in front of the shock/tank mount but it looks like it may of been made like it??? please help me
Where your shrouds on your plastics bolt on, they'll be sticking out a little on the top on the gas tank. Another sign of knowing if its bent. Supposely.
if you think its bent you should sell it to me for 20$ and get a new one.
haha yeah right im trying to save for a perimiter frame
LogiKal said:
Where your shrouds on your plastics bolt on, they'll be sticking out a little on the top on the gas tank. Another sign of knowing if its bent. Supposely.

Thats what I said several posts back
my plastics do that and i know my frame isnt bent... i dont weigh too much(110) and i dont do any big jumps and stuff

you think maybe its just from the heat
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