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Is it worth it with a stock swing arm ?

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is it worth getting an i shock ? are thewy really that much better, and how will they work with applied stiffer fork sprins up front will the rear out do the fronts to much ?
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I had an ishock and applied springs up front. Like it alot. The stiff springs should do you fine. But remember, they are only springs. I just installed some BBR forks and with the ishock.. it is a world of diff. I would definitly get the ishock, you can use it with the stiff springs with no problem. Mine is the one w/o the res and it is a 250lb spring attached to a five 0 swingarm
I run a stock swingarm with an ishock and stiff springs in the front and its a huge difference then running just a spring in the rear. I love my ishock, I can't wait to throw on my limited edition one :)
I have a stock swingarm, i shock and fork springs. It is soooooo much better. I will never ride a 50 without an i shock now, thats how good it is. It is definitely worth it.
thanks guys. whats a good price to pay for an i shock with a res. and is the limited edition worth the xtra $$
Retail for an i-shock w/res. is $249.95. And don't forget about your 10% discount for being a Planet Minis member :wink: In my opinion, the simple i-shock either with or without res. will suit most riders.
ya i hav an i shock w/ res (stock swingarm) and applied front springs (getting bombshells and sano swingarm soon :D ) and the i shokc helps alot, for me the front forks even seemed to work better with just putting on the back shock. its super easy to put on to, i had to file my stock swingarm down a lil cuz there wasn't enough clearence, but other then that easy!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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