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My set up is a 88 TB big bore w/ stock head and a Keihin 20mm carb.

The thing starts pissing out gas so I assumed it was the carb float. Took the carb apart and cleaned it out. Still pissing out gas.

Next I used two other carbs. A 20mm TB Shengway and the 18mm. Still the same thing.

So next I emptied out the gas in the tank and put in some fresh gas. This time I used the stock carb. No luck there. Same ish.

I have another bike that runs so I took the tank and carb off of that and put it on my problem bike. This ended up working and stopped the gas pissing. So what I switched out the petcocks and I'm still getting gas out the overflow.

Any other suggestions? Can it be anything else other than the carb or tank for it to piss gas like it is?

it's a bit discouraging. thanks in advance
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