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Bear with me guys as I'm new to the forum thing but I figured I would get some good knowledge from someone on here bout all the projects I've got going on.

So I got alot of red machines... and very little time to get any of the stuff done that needs to be done to them..

Recently I came across this very wierd and old honda bike and I now own it and dont know what I want to do with it. From what I know it is a 1965 Honda 90?? At least that is the only thing I can see on it, I was told it was a 65 by the guy I got it from, it was his dads and he has recently passed and he wanted it gone. He said it hasn't been tagged since 1976 but he said his dad loved the bike. Very unique looking bike but it's been sitting a loooooong time so it would take alot to get it going. From the looks of it, it's a semi auto shift, as in it has a shifter like a Harley or a utility atv with no clutch on the handle bars. It's a kick start. My phone takes terrible pics wish I could post a picture. But if someone out there knows what it is, how I could even get parts for the thing, anybody wanting to do some wheeling and dealing let me know

Also got this 1981 honda xr80 project I got going on, bought it as a basket case already torn apart, the kick start gear the splines on the end had stripped off and someone tried welding to it and the tip broke off so they took the jug piston and head off, side covers and gave up when they got to having to take the clutch basket etc to split the case so I got a new gasket kit and re ringed the piston just need to find time to get in there and switch out the kickstart gear which the bike came with a new one. BUT a few years ago I picked up a 1979 honda xr80 junkyard bike because I needed the running boards/foot pegs and exhaust (still need an exhaust because the one on the junkyard bike has holes) so I have this 79 parts bike if anybody needs anything, I live in ohio.

We will start with those 2 lol
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