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Hey guys this is just a quick post to let you know of a few issues when installing a tb170 kit and roller rocker head onto a 2012 150TX. This is not Trail bikes issue in any way just want to put that out there.
We recently built a SGR edition SSR170TX which is a 150TX to start with for a customer. We ran into a few issues so I thought I would share. First issue is the skid plate when mounting it up to the trailbike cylinder you will need to round the corner of the carb side of the skid plate to clear the fin on the cylinder, and mounting it on the exhaust side of the cylinder you wil need to bend it out in two spots and then it will mount up. Our next issue was the cam plate thread sizes are bigger then the stock YX head so the stock cam bolts work fine and then just find bolts to use on the cam sprocket. Issue 3 is the intake hits the timing chain tensioner bolt this is no big deal just use a tappered bolt on the cam chain tension and then it clears fine, the carb and air filter are a tight fit. Our biggest issue though we had is the stock 150tx exhaust will not bolt up to the roller rocker head in no way shape or form with out cutting and rewelding the angle on where it connects to the head. We did try our SGR titanium klx110 exhaust and it fits and works fine and is a great combo when building this motor. If you guys have any questions or have any issues when building one of your own don't hesitate to ask us or email us. I did take pictures of all the issues and what we did to make it work if you need them.

Thank you,
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