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Hey man,

What are you running for a set up on your bike...? also all the coil is going to do is Possibly give you a hotter spark no extra power..!

I run Inner Rotor Ign. with an 88cc kit and X-Head and the way it makes the bikes POWER DELIVERY come on is AWSOME. It does NOT give you more power. It allows you to adjust the timing, makes your motor REV quicker, better TROTTLE responce. and will give you a 3 to 5 bike advantage on a bike similar to yours with stock ignition........I am not FOOLING........!

Hope this helps .........OLDSCHOOL

If you want this Inner Rotor Ignition Product...Contact My sponsor at Precision Cycles 770-479-6857 tell him Kevin sent you aka OLDSCHOOL
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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