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Yo, hopefully you found fairing ms for your YCF. I’m building a Daytona 190)fe on a YCF frame, and ran into the same issue. Which is their sight seems to be outta nearly out of any complete set. Like they’re outta stock in one of the shrouds, But I combined a black front plate and guard w/ the YCF fairing that has a base color w/ a black strip, and then chose the same color base to use one the back number plates and rear M guard. that is if you’ve used the suggestion from money who threw out the connections name who’s the distributor international wholesale.I simehin..
But also after meticulously searching I’ve come to realize the obvious. (And what they should have explain in their plastic sizing charts) and that depending on your frame. Seat, and gas tank options from Honda, yahmaha, Ktm, Kawa, UFO,acerbis etc could also Be an option. Also, on their sight part of the catagory contains TEch specs they have downloadable pdf’s containing each bike with all the parts and refferance numbers,(which tgey could made prolly made a little less confusing) but all the infos there if you look for it and figure out which gas tanks compatible with what bike, for instance, the same gas tank as a Honda crf50 is used on all their bikes except the biggie. And that tank resembles a Honda crf110. So plastics can be I shared between corresponding sizes. For reference check out YCF USA on Instagram and you’ll discover people have out other brand plastics and graffix on their bikers. Even combined Honda logos with YCF logos while creating tgraffix packages, which I’ve discovered all ya need is to create a pdf if the YCF logo and other brand logos which ever you want. Then certain graffix websights allow you to upload brands outside of their database. For creating custome graffix for your fairing style.
hooe this helped. Also other great sights to get everything under the sun for pit bikes would be Thumpstar , killer Mini , , go power , and check out pit bike syndicate on instagram for something inspiring. Oh and I bought my Daytona from the company that Amazon gets their daytona engines from called Ridernomics who havethe whole Daytona lineup and are an importer, who has the least expensive prices on the internet, and if you knowabout that engine which YCF has but doesn’t use the electric start w 5 gears.And those engines get about 31hpwhile general pit bike like Lifan 140 get 10-12, groms only like 10, even zongshen 190 only get 19, and the Daytona. 190 (still fit in the Hondacrf 50 frame like all the other pit bikes. But Daytona is from Japan and they make small engines for yamaha. .Good luck !
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