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Hello all,

this is my first post and I wanted to get some advice. I own a 1986 Honda TRX 70 atv. Ive had it since new when I was a kid and I want to get it tuned up for my boy. Its been stored for a few years now. This is where I need the insight from the small Honda engine experts.

During one of the last oil changes some Motul 10w40 was put in but it was the 10w40 transoil. It was a mistake and probably ran for a short while. And then changed. I would say a couple short rides if I can remember correctly. I dont remember any smoke from the engine when running.

What damage did this stuff do to the motor ? If any? If I need to tear the motor down i will. I was going to re time it because I removed the cam tensioner and when it was reinstalled the motor lost compression because the pull start was pulled. I will also Adjust the valves and do a basic tune up. This bike is real clean and complete. I hope to get it back into shape. I was inexperienced and much younger when this all happened...

Thanks for any help you all can provide!

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If it were mine, I'd put about two hours of riding time on it, change the engine oil, and call it good. While riding it I'd be paying attention to see if the clutch is sluggish or slipping at all, but otherwise I'd think you'll be alright. Worst case scenario would be having to clean and/or replace the clutch plates due to excessive slippage. Just my 2¢...
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