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i just dont see the point

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why cut out the side of the case like this

i just think its kinda dangerous..

what do you think?
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2 reasons

1 - looks

2 - Makes it a lot easier to change the sprocket

no its not dangerous, i left my chain gaurd on though cause i was touching the moving chain and didn't like it, had nothing to do with the cut, cause my pants touched the moving chain the same without it being cut. also a lot of mud and crap gets pulled in there
ya i would say when it cut that much it would make it easy to get your pants or shoe laces cought in the chain or sporocket. They do that so they can change the front sprocket with out taking of the cover. I only cut mine a little just to more less change the look its only 2 screws to remove the cover no big deal
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I have it done on my bike. I think that it looks awsome. you get to see the sproket and you can change it quicker. I have had it like that for 7 months now, and I never got caught up in the chain yet. :twisted:
the front sprocket isnt much to look at.. the cutting/grind marks look too ghetto-fab, even for me..
you can get one pre-cut from sik 50's.

thats what I did. it looks awsome. I powder coated it black. :oops:
five0addict said:
the front sprocket isnt much to look at.. the cutting/grind marks look too ghetto-fab, even for me..

I think it looks better cut. I cut mine and it looks good, it looks like the cover is made that way thats how good it is :lol:
cut it. :eek: i cut mine, no problems with it at all. it actually helps on jumps u can hook ur shoe under there and lift up and u can get over jumps better. ive actually done this believe it or not lol.
I did it and never had a problem. Looks and ease of sproket changes arent the only reason. That case traps a ton of mud inside that can just be impossible to clean out.

But of course, looks are probably the number one reason to do it!
ya, mostly the reason I did it was because of the the junk that gets in there and is impossible to get out, but also because it looks sick
i did the mod cuz i got my pants caught in there 3 ft before the lip of a 15ft dobble, i went for it and guned it,and made it but, my pants wrapped around the sprocket so bad i had to take the flywheel cover off to get my pant leg out. so i cut that sumabitch up! no problems for a year now and it looks cool!
i say cut it...

if you don't want to take the risk of hacking it all up on a bandsaw, or just dont feel comfortable... sik50s does carry perfect brand new side cuttaways covers.

CB, glad you like yours.

here is my bike with it...

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What did you guys use to cut it? did you just do it freehand? I agree.. I think it looks
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ya i did it because last time i went riding so much mud go stuck in there i had to take the cover off just ot get it all out. i was the same as you before five0 i thught my foot was going to get stuck in there or it would rip up my pants, but no problems and i don;t even notice that i cut it.
i cut mine but not that much. I just cut off the lip that went under the swingarm bolt. I followed the line of case and it doesn't reveil the sprocket. i don't like how the look cut that much.
sincity88 said:
What did you guys use to cut it? did you just do it freehand? I agree.. I think it looks

i gotta admit i had a hard time cutting mine, i used a dremel with carbon fiber reinforced cut off disks i cut as close as i could cet then i used a grinding stone attatchment on the dremel to grind it down as close as i could get it i then had It pc'd gloss black and i think it came out awsome
the easiest way to cut it is to get a coping saw and cut close to where you want it cut and then get out the dremel and grind it smooth
I cut mine because my chain came off and wadded up inside there. It broke through my side case and took out my pick up on the stator. That was real expensive to fix. Now hopefully if my chain wads it will come out the side.
i used a band saw then used an aluminum file (not made of aluminum but for it) to file it smooth.
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