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I have several ATC 70's I am parting out

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I have 3 ATC 70's I am parting out. One is a 1980 and one is 1983. Let me know if you need anything before it goes on eBay.
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I should have that cover. I will go down in my a garage and look in a little while. No front fenders though.
You can PM me or email me at [email protected]

I can powder coat parts either Glass Black or Chrome before I ship stuff out as well.
Yes I have a 4 speed engine here. It should have been from the 83 or 84 frame I had. It was running great last year. No smoke or anything. We took the whole pike apart to paint the frame and my son lost interest in it.

I have the carb and electronics as well. I couldn't find the carb slide,spring and top for it. I just have to sort through some parts and find it. PM me if you are interested.
shipping is a bit much to ship across the country
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