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I get my SDG today....

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I just got a call from my local dealer and my SDG Speed Mini is ready for me to pic up. This is going to be my first mini bike ever. I am stoked.
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Cool! We want a full review, with pictures... And video!
YEA. tell us if it sucks or if it is really as good as they say. congrats!
ya,congrats dude, be sure to let us know whats up with it, all the goods and bads and definitely pictures
Yeah, I hope its as good as they say it is. Its kind of a shot in the dark, but at least I get to see it before I give them my money. Maybe they will even let me ride it around before I pay. I will takes pics and post them.
what shop you getting it from?

Hope you like it.

how much are those beasts? what size motor?
they are around $2000 and come with like a 107cc
to me the bike is just like an xtreme the xtreme is based on a xr50 and the sdg is based on a crf
Heres the deal, the bike retails for $2,399 and it is better than the extreme. It comes with a Chromoly frame an extended aluminum swingarm and the motor is a 107cc 3 valve and a 4 speed tranny. I didn't take pics yet as I was riding it around all afternoon yesterday, but I will take some today. The bike is so f-ing comfortable and it is really fast. I raced my neighbor on his XR50 with the 88cc kit and a 22mm carb and it blew it out of the water from start to finish. The only thing is that first gear is real short on this bike, almost useless unless you weigh 220lbs, for me at 175lbs I can take off from dead stop ibn 2nd and it rips right away. This bike also strts in gear, just pull in the clutch and kick. The rear suspension is a little stiff, I need to adjust and neutral is sometimes hard to find when the motor is running. The brakes are awesome. For the money you can't beat it. I love the clutch, its not a semi auto clutch like a lot of the clutch systems on minis, its just like your everyday big bike. I will give more reports as I put more time on the bike. By the way if you live in Southern Cal I know where there are 6 of these things ready to be ppurchased. Let me know if your interested.

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Sounds good, go ride some more and take some pics. You jump it yet?
No jumps yet, but I hope to find something to jump it off of. Maybe I could launch it off one of the neighborhoods kits skateboard ramp.
Where do you get these in SoCal? Whose the SDG San Diego dealer?
I have no idea about San Diego. You can go to and email them and ask. Or you can call Dave at Champion MC in Costa Mesa and put a depoist down over the phone and come and get it. His phone number is 949-642-4343, Tell him Joe Martin referred you to him.
I have jumped it mildly, it works well.
Anyone know of a dealer that has these in stock in SO Cal. This could be a good second bike.
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