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I'm contiplating on wether or not to sell my 50. My 50 is all good, except for i need a frame soon, and a swingarm. I can't afford that, and maybe for Christmas i could get one. I dont want to wait that long realy, cus i might bend it before. I also need to buy new springs because my forks keep on turning. If i sold my 50, i would buy a 110, and i know 2 people selling them. 1 2003 drz 110 with bars, pipe, and graphics for $1500 obo, and 1 2003 klx 110 with bars and pipe. I would get springs and some stuff for it. I do not plan on racing ever. maybe once in a while to mess around, but usually not. I mostly do just plain riding and the biggest thing is dirtjumping and making jumps and shiz. I am very skeptical right now on if a 110 would be fun and kool like a 50 to jump these jumps. i am 5'11 and weigh 190.

here is a list of the parts on my 50:

2004 CRF 50

Fast 50's Stronger fork tubes

Sano exhaust

Fast 50's jeremy mcgrath bend bars

Fast 50's top triple clamp black

Sano Red billet throttle

New front tire, and pretty new back tire

I-shock w/250 lbs spring(non resivor)

D.I.D gold chain

Renthal front sprocket

Takegawa 88cc S-Stage bore kit(with carb, intake, cam)

N-Style graphics

Fast 50's Taller seat foam and cover

BBR rev box

Applied front springs

fast 50's foot pegs

IMS longer shifter

Uni air filter and 2 k and n's

longer front brake cable and throttle cable

little gas breather

Black skid plate

Cut side case

White brothers chain roller

Black wrp rim(rear only)

heavy duty spokes(rear only)

powder coated frame, forks and swingarm

all stock motor parts, pipe, and most other stock parts.

Extra set of 2003 plastic also with full stock seat

Here is some pics:

I will post some pics of the style of jump and thinks i do. Also, it would be nice to know how much my 50 is worth for selling?

Sorta like these jumps. a little bigger though or the same as the big ones here. bigger gaps thought, like 20 feet. and the lips will start to get bigger.

And jumps like these but bigger. we also have berms and little woops and crap. i also mob around in the hills, and i have to mob some big stuff to get to our jumps. so a 110 would be better. the only thing holding me back is the jumping.


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Ok, my neighbor is letting me borrow his 110, so i can take it in the hills. the jumps we are making are soo hidden, you would have to come to my friends house, and u would have to ride with us too them to find them. they are in simi though. i will ride his 110 and try it out.

Plz answer my questions above. i will also have pics of our area soon. like thursday.

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I would say stick with the 50 after seeing those pics. Try that 110 though and then you'll know whatcha wanna do.

BTW i live in Moorpark and i can dig like a mad man. Lemme know if you want some help building some jumps. Ive gotta spot i can show you as well.
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