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Hyper CDI

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Hey who makes the Hyper CDI? Takegawa ? Also how is it? What does it let you rev to? what are the benefits of it? Doesnt a 50 stop making power before the stock limiter kicks in so whats the point of one that lets you rev more? Thanks
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Both kitaco and Takegawa make hi-rev CDIs...other ppl sell no-name brand ones that I have heard are crap and sometimes dont even work at all.

The stock motor does stop making power before the limiter, and the CDI wouldnt help anything, but a big bore with nasty cam will make power far beyond the stock limiter. I installed the kitaco on my bike (75cc kit, ported XR70 head, race cam and 20mm carb) and the difference was amazing. Before, I was on the rev limiter everywhere and now it just revs and revs. I dont think any of the aftermarket CDIs have a set limiter, so you have to be careful not to float the valves, altho you have to spin a motor pretty hard to do that
the only one that does not have a rev limiter is the kitaco us that one nothing else it is the best
Go Japanese. Even people that run Takegawa motor stuff, usually run Kitaco Rev Boosters, for people say that it is better.

Kitaco or Takegawa are your choices I made for you.
Rev limiter

Hey jinx,

this is kind of a rewrite, an older thread a couple of guys gave there two cents on the differences on REV BOOSTERS. Both the TAKEGAWA and

KITACO both have different Ignition curves Programed into them. The KITACO comes on sooner in the low end, pulls hard on the midrange and on into the top end but drops of sooner than the TAKEGAWA does on the top end. The TAKEGAWA comes on a little later down low, pulls hard on the midrange and keeps pulling longer on the top end than the KITACO.

I have used both REV BOOSTERS..... There is definetly a difference in them. I suggest if you are a low to midrange rider and like that kind of power delivery then I recomend using the KITACO.

If you are a midrange to top end rider and like the motor to scream a little longer on the top end then I recomend using the TAKEGAWA.

This is my opinion only I am not a dealer..... I am only a rider and this is the only way I know to discribe the differences in the two REV BOOSTERS

It is PREFERENCE........ONLY..!

Hope this helps OLDSCHOOL
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or if u really want quick thottle reponce try out a kitaco race ing set up called a inner rotor kit comes with its own cdi as well and will allow revs too 15 grand if the motor can take it and it fully adjustable on the timing front too .
Do either of these still have a rev limiter or is it totally eliminated. I just dont like the idea of puting one of these in and then over reving my motor. And if they do totally eliminate it do you guys know of one that simply raises the limiter like 2,000rpm.
inner rotor is the only way to go huge differance and super adjustability . use the Kitaco set up it rips over the Takagawa set up and is less money

as for the best rev box we tryed everyone and found the Big gun box to be the best revs too 12,000
Jetster220 said:
Do either of these still have a rev limiter or is it totally eliminated. I just dont like the idea of puting one of these in and then over reving my motor. And if they do totally eliminate it do you guys know of one that simply raises the limiter like 2,000rpm.

The stock CDI has a rev limiter at 9800 rpm, but I don't know of any aftermarket CDIs that still have a rev-limiter, as far as I know they all totally eliminate it, but it would be really hard to over-rev your motor, totally unlikely unless your being stuiped :p :roll:
Another option to a REV BOOSTER.....INNER ROTOR IGNITION..!

Hey Jinx and everyone,

If you are looking into ALOT different power delivery rev wise, then I would suggest an INNER ROTOR IGNITION. I now run this rather costly ignition alternative. Does it make that much of a difference HELL YES..!

I pull a 3 to 5 bike advantage ( On a BBK 88cc motor similar to mine ) That uses a conventional REV BOOSTER like KITACO or TAKEGAWA..!

INNER ROTOR IGNITION does not, I repeat does not give you more power..! It gives you a motor that I can only discribe the power delivery it produces is ALL KINDS OF MENTAL...!!!! The way it REVs and throttle responce is like a two stroke very quick and peppy.

I HIGHLY recomend it, if your going to use it on a race application!!!!

Again This is my opinion only..! OLDSCHOOL
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hey oldschool i run the kitaco inner rotor kit on my road 124cc takagwa monkey bike in the uk and it rocks big time u like the power delivery of a 2 smoke u love this kit pick up like u would not belive and it a very well finished bit of kit by the time u payed out 4 a cdi box and gettin your fly wheel lighted i doubt theres much in the price i paid £210 pounds 4 mine here in the uk only problem instructions in japenese i hate that :lol: .
Hey MotorHead,

Oh I believe, I believe. I wish I could desifer JAPANESE too it made it harder to reach the proper Ign. timing I wanted, to reach the first time....

210 pounds is awfull heavy you should try dollars....HA HA HA. what the Hell time is it over there..?????? Is it tommorow yet..?

Later Dude........WHAT. OLDSCHOOL
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yes old schhol nearly 1 am nearly bed time 4 me m8 catch u soon m8 have a nice day :lol:
an inner rotor ignition plugs in where a cdi goes? :?:
Hey John and vince,

Actually it replaces your whole Ignition no more key. Key less Ignition and comes with its own CDI.

Takegawa comes with a HEI coil and is $500.00 Bling,Bling bucks WOW.!

The KITACO uses your stock coil and is $300.00 Bucks

I run the KITACO in my bike. I Imagine the TAKEGAWA does the same thing but do not know anything else about the TAKEGAWA unit???

Thanks Kevin aka OLDSCHOOL
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