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HV oil pump

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if i didnt install the hight volume oil pump in my crf50 when i put the 88cc kit in will my motor over heat or blow up ?
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Well i have one in my Stage III 88cc kit. But honestly, i'd rather buy a HV oil pump than i would buy a whole new 88cc Stage III kit later on down the road. Its better to be safe than it is to be sorry. Its amazing how much money a cheap part can save you in the long run.

My 2 cents

PS: Would u rather have a rear sprocket guard on your crf50. Or would u rather have ur shoe string or even your foot get caught up in the sprocket? Personal preferrence, but i know what i would rather have. hehe

PSS: Have u ever seen a stretched gixxer break a 530 chain. Well i have, and guess what?. He didnt have a chain guard on the swingarm. You wanna guess where his chain ended up at after it broke and came around the rear sprocket. It came around the sprocket, through his rear tail section, and wrapped around the passenger foot peg (luckily he had it folded down). had he not had that passenger peg folded down. That chain would have went through the stator cover and taken off his left foot....Once again, a cheap ass chain guard would have saved him alot of money and hassel for that matter.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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