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1983 ATC 185s,200s,70 and three CT70s
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Hi everyone. I know this section is for ATC 70s but maybe someone will be able to help me?1983 ACT110 with CDI ignition.

I have been on this for a week now. No spark so I figured I would start at the Stator. Below are pics of what I come up with. The manual for the 110 is just impossible to follow! I checked the ohms and show spinning the motor over at at least idle speed and get the test light to light up? The yellow wire for the lights starts glowing with a low rpm and grows as you speed up the drill. The black wire takes a much faster spinning of the drill. How could the black wire put out enough at low speed to create a spark given the pull start doesn't spin it as fast as I am with the drill? I had a parts bike and pulled the flywheel and stator assembly then installed it and I am getting the same results? Could the cdi system have a capacitor to help with spark until the bike starts and is putting out voltage to run the ignition? Thank you in advance. John


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