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How to seal 54mm cylinder head??

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I used aluminum head gasket and had some leaks with it.

What is the best gasket type, copper or maybe some Takegawa one (is it steel or??).

How much torque on head bolts, standard values or some extra maybe??

If I end up using a Takegawa gasket is there some differences between different Tagekawa head desings? I mean which one is the right one for a non Tak Honda. How thick are Tak head gaskets?

Do you usually use 54mm cylinders trouble free, or is it common to have head gasket leaks?
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I use permatex copper head gasket spray on the aluminum head gaskets.Just put a nice even coat on both sides ,let it tack up and then assemble it .The takegawa gaskets for the superhead are about the thinnest I've seen and they always seem to seal.
+1 on the Tak .25mm steel shim gaskets. Gotta have a good clean flat surface, but they seal fine.
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