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What's it worth.

'08 Klx 110
Tb 143 kit, put in motor in Jan. 2013
Mikuni 26 mm carb
Tb race head, cam
Hd output shaft(not '08 oem shaft)
BBR 4 speed shift drum
BBR rev box
Trail bikes manual clutch kit
Chp ultima coil
Chp shift star
Hardened 2nd gear
Pro Circuit t-4, new cone tip and replacement t-5 sticker
Pro Wheel Shock
Tb shift lever
Kx 85 pegs
ASV Front brake and clutch levers w/ perch
Pro Circuit ignition cover
Two Bros blue oil plug
Pro Taper tall bars Xr 50 bend
TRC Hd fork springs
Hd Clutch Plates and springs were just installed
Two Bros OTT, HD pegmount, fastway pegs just purchased. Not installed.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts