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how much has everyone put into there bikes

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i wanna know how much everyone has put into there bikes and pics thanks
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To much and my motor hasnt even been touched!
waay too much.....its like a bad habbit! so young folks...stay away from good!!
i got 10k+ in my mod 110, around 2500 in my stock mod 110, and like 2k in my stocker 50... you can go to my myspace and see em if you want. i dont have any pics on my comp. cuz it crashed a while back. - 5brett0hinson7 - 99 - Male - middle of nowhere, North Carolina -
SUZUKIRM12594 said:




STAGE 4 comming soon
was that fmf on a stok engine? how much better was it compared to stok ?
like 3k (+) in my mod fifty .

10k or real close in my mod 110.

6k in a second mod 110 (sold).

and may have some more in a stock mod 110 shortly.
Way more then anyone should ever spend on a dirtbike

I lost track after 5 g's

a lot for sure!

Since i've started in '04 i've put together 3 bikes:

- China bike burned alive lol

- full RB Cromoly Pro 88cc

- 10" race bike 124cc

for 2009 i'll start a 110 :)
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I put my heart and soul into everything I build......not so much cash though. I am a frugle bastard from what I have been told.......haha
Probably over 100K into my own collection of 22 minis. Blood,sweat and tears too. Love the little bastards! Been into muscle cars,VW'S, Porsche and Ducati's but this has been the most fun for the past 15 years.
foxracer196 said:
i wanna know how much everyone has put into there bikes and pics thanks

1) Never ask that question of another enthusiast, nothing good can come from it.

2) Never do the math for yourself, nothing good can come from it.

3) Don't talk about these rules, nothing good can come from it.

I will say I did the math for my primary CRF70... It's been a long, expensive road developing it... I've thrown a ton of money down the tubes thanks to it... I'll never get even 10% of it back.

I plan on spending more on it. :cool:
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Five grand into my fifty..800.00 in to my Pitster x2r and I ride my x2r more...
£5900 in to my crf 50 bbr 106 ccbike

£6500 in to my crf 70 124+rcc reeg mx bike
SUZUKIRM12594, in stage three, what did you pull that FMF exhaust off of? Doesn't look like it goes with that bike but for some reason it looks sweet! haha
Past previous bikes were 900+ into an 88, 2200+ into a 117, now I just buy bikes that have all the mods i want on them so I dont spend much money.
i got over 5g into my mod 50, and the total seems to keep getting hire. the best part of the bike is the takegawa stage 1 kit.
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