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How much BLING BLING in my ride


Well between what I spent on my Fiddie to buy it and the trials and errors

of motor mods the suspension, Ignition, bar kit, skid plates, rims, plastic

kits, graffic kits around $7000.00 so far!!!!!

Got to get another job....... OLDSCHOOL


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Money invested?????

Hey me again,

Well first I wish I knew about this site, and all the good advice on it when

I first started. Remember this It cost money to be stupid!!!! If I knew now

what I knew then and took my time to research more then I'd be a couple

of grand heavier in the wallet!!! another thing I've read alot talked to a bunch of people and seen alot of different bike set ups and combos. And

have some knowledge now of what works and whats a waste.....

I raced only once this year and believe me I learned alot. If it wasn't

for a bad pick of a late starting position number and a wicked retarded

starting system. I think I could have won??? NEXT YEAR. And bigger is

not better "some will argue". I have a strong running very quick and

fast 88cc motor and BLEW away superhead 95cc's, strokers and those

extreme 107's so riding style plays a big part too..

Thanks for listening Kevin a.k.a. OLDSCHOOL
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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