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how is this frame........

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ok i know it has been posted before but it seemed like there was no real good answer. Is this frame any good and will it hold up. My freind just order one and i was thinking about getting on but im not sure. Heres the link. eBay Motors: Chromoly Frame Honda CRF50 XR50 XR SDG 50 125 Pit Bike (item 390013622562 end time Dec-31-08 21:47:40 PST) also what about the frame tbolt sells.
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I was also wondering about these ebay frames, my son and i are looking to build a bike at low cost.
dont buy ebay frames, they will hold but ur 50 is going to end up 20 feet tall
I had a black non cradle ebay frame on my stunter 50 build and had no problems with it... Mines at the top of the page
my frame is off of ebay and I love it. no probs
Jimi86 said:
my frame is off of ebay and I love it. no probs

whats frame did you get off of ebay. Also do you jump it, and how big are the jumps are you hitting with it.
Its like the one you showed, but I dont have a cradle. And yes I sky my 50, and Im 220 pounds. the one you showed from ebay will be fine. Go for it.
I wouldn't waste $10 on that pos. Unless your just putting around and don't care about power to weight ratio.... I wouldn't go near it. Prolly weighs double what a stock frame weighs. Be smart instead of cheap. Ya get what you pay for.
Im a fabricator welder and i can say 100% that the welding is SH IT! but there is one person saying they have one and its holding up so i guess give it ago!

personaly id go for a second hand known name frame like fast 50s five-O etc...

if your hitting jumps its money well spent
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