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hotwheels graphics for sale

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Is anyone interested in brand new in the package hotwheels graphics?
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there a toy car company :wink:
and your name is a motorcycle made for 6 year olds.

I think they look trick. Crf50kid, maybe its time for you to go to sleep or something, your last few comments have been pointless, and I doubt anyone appreciates them.
Logikal... I got you covered in a different post. It is in the one about Kayaba.
first of all logical i was joking around and u still go to skool too
What do you mean I still go to school? .. I do, but where did that come from? ...

Just stop making useless posts. Make them have some point or something, even if its off topic a little, atleast have a point to it.
I'm selling them because i got them for free and I didn't really like them but the come with a really nice gripper seat cover.
crf50kid said:
why would any one wanna buy those those r so gayyyyyyyyyyyyy

You've been on PM for how long? and you talk like you own the place? 8O I know a lot of people have been posting about your disrespectful comments, but its just getting real old real fast. :evil:
ill give you 30 shipped
30.00 come on guys they come with a seat cover which is about 30.00 and then the graphics which are about 30.00 so it's about 60.00 and i'm selling them for 50.00 shipped.
whats your paypal, i think i can do $50 shipped for the graphics and seat cover, can you take some pictures of them please?
Is there anyway you can send e a check or a money order?
21 - 37 of 37 Posts
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