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hot crf 250, trade for built 110

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i have a honda crf 250, year 2005 built from the ground up by pro circuit.

pro circuit suspension

pro circuit race cam, race piston, ported and polished head

pro circuit triple clamps

pro taper bars

pro circuit ti-4 with custom built header by PC

110 width rear tire

renthal sprockets and renthal gold chain

acerbis plastics and handguards

it may be alittle old, but this bike will holeshot anything but a 500 2 stroke

it took my 450 to school!

hardly ridden because of the down time from 2 broken legs

i will trade for a hot, ready to race 110

i will send pictures to anyone who has a bike suitable

and i would prefer to be local or a few hours. i could meet you half way or we can figure it out. pm me if interested

thanks, max
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holy crap you can't post this in 3 places, wooow, and you have to include some sort of pics
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