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Hi i present my build, a Honda XR50 prepared for the stunt.

Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Plant

Footwear Wheel Tire Cloud Sky

Cycle part:
- Reinforced Honda frame
-Fast50s 1st generation swingarm +1"
-Redbaron +1" fork sticks + 180mm MTB disc brake kit
-BBR reinforced fork springs
-DL Concept fork crown
-BMX BBR type handlebar
-Hand brake system D (clutch cover + scooter front brake cable)
-Honda shock absorber + Fast50s spring
-Fast50s CNC rear rim
-XR50 UFO blue plastic kit + Vuillemin Replica decoration
-TwoBrothers Racing saddle

Engine part:
-107 Lifan
-TwoBrothers Racing M6 Exhaust
- Thai 19 Mikuni Carburettor

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

Tire Wheel Water Sky Plant

Automotive tire Wood Rim Bumper Bicycle part

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread Automotive wheel system Bumper

Product Bicycle part Wood Musical instrument Tool

Musical instrument Bicycle part Musical instrument accessory Auto part Wood

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Mountain
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