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Like the title says. This is a bike I threw together last year around the motor to go out and ride with my boy. He's just starting racing pee wee 4-6 class.

We are now moving to Japan in a few months and I am not taking it with.

05 Honda motor TB88 Racehead with about 30 hours total on it

Podium series pipe

Brand X minis frame

Forks, front brakes and front wheel from an Xtreme 105

Sano +2 rear swinger with Stock rim and drum brake setup

BBR skid

Fastway pegs

Xtreme 105 seat

Staggs rear shock

Acrebis plastics

I do have a replacement front fender (I was moving some stuff around this winter and with the cold temps it snapped), actually an entire set of Honda plastics not new but in decent shape. Since it's a Brand X frame there is no title.

The first $1100 can come and pick it up, If you want it shipped you'll have to fork out the extra $

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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