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I have a 1973 Honda ST90 and have two issues.

Problem #1: I have completely rebuilt/restored this bike. I did a complete teardown of the Carb, cleaned it, put it back together and set it to the factory adjustment settings. The bike will not idle. It either races too high and I have to hit the kill switch or it wont idle without using the throttle to hold an idle. I have adjusted and re adjusted the idle and pilot settings but still cannot get it to idle.

Problem #2: The centrifugal auto clutch pack did not have the 6 small springs in it when I got the bike. I bought those and 3 new fiber clutch discs. When I put the bike into first, it is supposed to idle and when I give it throttle the centrifugal part kicks in and off I go. My bike doesnt idle, it immediatley stalls. If I roll the bike then kick it into first, it will stay running and I can ride it. Is there a break-in period to the new clutch discs?

Any help is appreciated.
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