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Spying a gap in their offering, Honda has introduced the Honda CRF125F. This new bike will come in right between the CRF110 and the CRF150F. The motor will go into the CRF125F that features smaller wheels for smaller riders that have outgrown the power level of the 110cc motor, as well as the CRF125F Big Wheel designed for bigger riders than that of the smaller wheeled bike. This will get smaller adults that may just be starting out off road on two wheels out there in the mix.

This new bike takes almost all of it's cues from the bigger bikes in the line, such as electric start to get you riding without all the hassle of having to kick the thing over. Nice for the younger riders that may not be able to get the bike going on their own. The bike also features a front disc that is straight from the pages of the bigger bike's spec sheet. The power from this little guy is said have a broad appeal as it is powerful enough to get teens and young adults riding without intimidating younger riders.

Finally a bike that will bridge that gap for riders that are looking for a SOHC motor, but are not yet big enough for a CRF150F. The 4 speed tans mission is just the ticket to give younger riders the control over their bikes that the big boys and girls have.

Check out the Honda CRF125F and it's features here while you wait for it's release this September.
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