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honda replacement engine

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do dealers sell replacement engines? I would like to pick one up if they are cheap enough. does anyone out there have an engine up for sale with low hours? I have the frame and all just need an engine for project bike, band I do not want to buy those copies sold off of ebay
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honda does not sell them as a whole you need to buy all the parts and put it together and the cost is over $1300 i looked into it all ready look on ebay

Classic honda sells complete genuine honda 9.5hp 110cc motors, 4 speed with manual or auto clutch for $1900
dezmo, good looking out, thanks. Now to find the money!
You may want to try I believe they sell a complete xr50 motor for ~$600.
I think I can get one for $400 new from my dealer with my discount. I may be wrong though. I thought thats what my cousin or somebody told me they were told. For $400 it probably doesnt come with the stator, kick starter, shifter, and none of the intake.
Classic Honda sells the Honda Nice 110cc motor made in Thailand. They are longer and wider than an XR50 motor, will bolt right into the frame, but other modifications will have to be made to make all the componentry fit.

Plus, you can purchase those Honda Nice Motors online at other places for $1100.00

Classic Honda is high on there prices. In fact, the Whole Honda Nice 110s sells for $1100 brand new in Thailand, and the Honda dealers in Thailand are stripping the motors, electrical, and misc componentry sellng them for $1100, and sell the rest of the bike and make a tidy profit.

For $1900, you can bore and stroke your 50 motor and have more power.
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The Honda NICE is a top quality engine and is starting to be used a lot in the UK Monkey bike scene. The cheapest you can buy one here for is $1700 from Although you can buy a whle Honda NICE bike for £3145 !!

The engine is bomb proof, with a good clutch (off the primary) and 4 speed manual. There are 56mm barrel and pistons available from DRP for around $340 which will get you to 137cc and about 80mph on the roads!!

At a German monkey bike event last year they had NICE engines on dynos giving out 20hp - although there is debate as to what they heads they were running....

Also need to bear in mind that they are quite a bit heavier than a stock xr engine so I'm not sure how that woudl effect the handling.

I'd be interested to know where you can get one for $1100 as I'm looking to purcahse one soon for my Monkey bike.

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I've seen that 137cc set up Dan Hanabrink has it but it did not seem to produce the right kind of pony's for MX racing .

What other info do you have about these set ups I would love one for my mini enduro set up


PS. hey UK hows the mini scene over there ?????
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hi skin im a good friend of uk racer here in the uk were both intoo monkey bikes uk racer has a chinese 110 little road rocket tuned and does about 65ish mph and i run a 124 tackagwa engined monkey again tuned and best so far is 78mph on the flat stu uk racer has just imported a xr50 with 88 kit from the usa wich is a cpl of years old but runs real good and as of today i got my self a x sport 110 wich is more or less the same as youe extreme but difrent graffix like the min x is really just gettin goin in the uk a few tracks started too welcome the bikes but a fair bit of distance too travel but it worth it if u ever get the chance look up and u find quite abit of info on little hondas and chinese bikes there altho mostly road goin bikes and on a sunday nite at 9 pm ish uk time the chat room become quite full so pop in some time dunno if this answears your questions lol but it nice too say hi ride safe motorhead . 8)
Yah it does I'am into collecting old Honda's especialy minitrails and Elsinores. I love riding on the street with my fiddy i have several mini's set up for street cruising and dirt moshing . it 's great to see the mini sport growing world wide . I think the XR craze gave us older mini riders more exsposure and now we have more parts to trick out our bikes too.

I'am a bike builder and will have complete racers out soon . I already have a pit bike out on the market it is the RC70 minicross you can see it at it has a street legal kit availible . let me know if you guys would like it sold in the UK too so I could hook up some dealers in The UK.

I also get tons of parts like the Lifan motors for better prices than you see on the net.
skin i reckon mend u get in touch with nidge at the pedshed his web site is theres alot of people here wanting too convert xr 50 in too super motos but the laws here can be a bit funny but give nidge a try he may well be up 4 it and he aways looking 4 new things he sells all sorts of stuff as well like go peds and electric bikes and minimotos and stuff he also stocks alot of drp racing parts 4 mini bikes hope this helps u out m8.and am i old at 35 lol .
Thanks that is a cool site . It has Big boy scooters on it I sell those too they rip
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